WeEn is offering a range of Silicon Power Diodes. The diodes can be grouped as follows:

  • Standard Diodes are used for 50Hz/60Hz Rectification, Bypass and DC applications. The Standard Diodes are optimized for lowest VF. The voltage ranges from 600V to 1600V and current from 3A to 60A. These parts come in a number of industry standard packages.
  • Fast Recovery Diodes (FRD) can be distinguished into Hyperfast and Ultrafast diodes. Each product family is optimized for a different VF and trr trade-off for best system efficiency, depending on switching frequency. These diodes are intended for Power Factor Correction (PFC) and high frequency rectification in switched mode power supplies (SMPS). WeEn FRDs have a current range from 1A to 75A, voltage range from 100V to 1200V and are available in a variety of industry standard, SMD and through-hole power packages.
  • Schottky Diodes have lowest forward voltage drop VF. They are also excellent for fast switching applications because of the extremely low switching time. Schottky diodes are used mostly for secondary side rectification in SMPS. WeEn can offer Schottky diodes in various package options.