Air Conditioner
Market Demands
  • High efficiency
  • Use of six IGBTs for driving the induction motor
  • Use of Silicon Carbide diodes, Fast Recovery Diodes and IGBTs in the Power Factor Correction PFC circuit
  • High temperature environment in the appliance requires high Tj(max) products
  • Low EMI
  • Use of SMD packages for lower power devices
System Overview


Application Focus


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WeEn Solutions
  • IGBT:
  • High-speed with low switching losses
  • Fast and soft recovery anti-parallel diode
  • Positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient
  • Trench gate field-stop technology
  • Halogen-free package and Pb-free lead finish, RoHS compliant
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Silicon Carbide Diodes:
  • WeEn Silicon Carbide Diodes have benchmark, temperature-independent switching behaviour for use in high frequency PFC and bridges
  • Fast Recovery Diodes:
  • WeEn Silicon FRD Power Diodes are Platinum Doped featuring low leakage at high temperatures, high inrush current and low EMI