Battery Chargers for Cordless Power Tools
Market Demands
  • High Power, rugged Power Tools
  • Electronics must survive when Power Tools are abused
  • Continuous high current capability
  • Electronics must be able to withstand high temperatures
  • High power density, combining small size and high power for the Battery Charger
  • Prolonged independent operation and long battery life-time
  • Low EMI emissions
System Overview


Application Focus


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WeEn Solutions
  • Fly-Back topology is widely used in Cordless Power Tool chargers. WeEn has the secondary side rectifiers for the fly back circuit
  • WeEn has 100V, 150V, 200V and 300V FRD Fast Recovery Rectifiers
  • Platinum doped BYV32xx-300P series for low leakage current at high temperatures
  • WeEn has Generation 2, 100V, double Schottky Diodes, featuring very low VF and very fast switching