Lamp Dimmer
Market Demands
  • Dimmer must work with Incandescent, CFL and LED lamps
  • No flickering at low power setting
  • High reliability
  • Mounting of dimmer is in the wall, triac must be able to handle high temperatures
  • Space reduction, smaller triac heatsink


System Overview


Application Focus


WeEn Solutions
  • WeEn triacs are Planar Passivated, for best high voltage and high temperature ruggedness
  • WeEn triacs feature low VT, for low conduction losses
  • High Junction Temperature versions are available, i.e.150°C
  • Three TO-220 package variants available:
    • TO-220AB, SOT78
    • Internally Insulated TO-220, SOT78D
    • TO-220F, SOT186A


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