On-Board Charger, OBC
Market Demands
  • AECQ-101 qualified components are mandatory in the OBC
  • Very high reliability
  • High current, high power charging, for fast charging of the electrical vehicle
  • Option: Bi-directional operation, charger and inverter mode. In inverter mode the OBC serves as a battery for the home
  • Low EMI
  • Low heat generation, high efficiency
  • Light-weight
  • Small size, high power density


System Overview


Application Focus


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WeEn Solutions
  • WeEn has Automotive AECQ-101 qualified SCRs and SiC Diodes for OBC On-Board Charger applications
  • AECQ-101 qualified SiC MOSFETs will be available soon
  • WeEn AECQ-101 SCRs are Planar Passivated, for best high voltage and high temperature ruggedness and narrow parameter spread
  • SiC diodes and SiC MOSFETs have best-in-class switching behaviour, independent of temperature
  • Through-hole and SMD packages


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