Solid State Relay (SSR) for AC Switching
Market Demands
  • Solid State Relays for AC applications use one Triac or two Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs) connected anti-parallel
  • High reliability at high power and high temperature
  • Electronics must be able to withstand high temperatures: high Tj(max)  of 150°C is needed for the SCRs
  • VZC and CZC switching for Low EMI
  • A high power SSR uses a substrate with two SCRs connected anti-parallel mounted as bare dice


System Overview


Application Focus


For More Information
  • SCRs as packaged products:

  • SCRs as Bare Dice:
  • Released Bare Dice range from 1200V/20A up to 1600V/170A


WeEn Solutions
  • WeEn Silicon Controlled Rectifiers are Planar Passivated for best high voltage and high temperature ruggedness. The Planar process also gives narrow parameter spread
  • WeEn SCRs are available as:
  • Packaged devices up to 1600V/80A, (see table below)
  • Bare Dice as unsawn wafer, sawn wafer and in waffle tray as “All good dice”
  • Customer-specific Bare Dice is possible