Telecom and Server Power Supply
Market Demands
  • Zero power downtime, power outages are very costly
  • Scalable and redundant power systems
  • Hot-swap exchange of power supplies may not destroy power components
  • High power, high current systems
  • Low temperature, minimum use of fans
  • Minimum heat production
  • Highest efficiency


System Overview


Application Focus


WeEn Solutions
  • WeEn Silicon Carbide Diodes have benchmark, temperature-independent, switching behaviour for use in high frequency PFC and bridges
  • WeEn Silicon FRD Power Diodes are Platinum Doped featuring low leakage at high temperatures, high inrush current and low EMI
  • WeEn Low Voltage PN diodes and Power Schottky Diodes are excellent for secondary side rectification
  • WeEn Standard Power Diodes for Mains rectification, DC and Bypass applications, have low VF for low conduction losses