Vertical Axis Washing Machine
Market Demands
  • Minimise the use of relays
  • The water heater is a high-power load, requiring appropriate triac heat sinking
  • Drum motor triac needs to have a high maximum inrush current capability
  • Door-lock, valves and dispenser are highly inductive, requiring low power 3 quadrant triacs or even better the excellent ACT products
  • Low EMI
  • SMD packages for ease of PCB assembly


WeEn Solutions
  • Planar passivated for best high voltage and high temperature ruggedness
  • ACT features overvoltage protection and the highest immunity to false triggering
  • ACTT features overvoltage protection
  • 3-Quadrant Triacs and ACTT feature excellent immunity to false triggering
  • Excellent dynamic characteristics
  • Through-Hole and SMD packages available
  • Internally Insulated TO-220 (SOT78D) package available, UL1557 certified
  • High Tj(max)  of 150°C for good thermal margin